Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Place I Live

So lately it has been very interesting here on the island, and by interesting I mean that the water is off at least once a day and can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 hours....and it usually happens when I want a shower! ARG......I think the island Gods are trying to test my patience. Well, test over! You win, I cannot live without WATER!! Ok, now that I have your attention let me tell you what else is going on

At Palm Court Apartments, we have a "community laundry" facility. Now by community you would think I am referring to just the apartment complex, you would think, but sadly no.....the community of islanders have frequented our little laundry mat, and so none of us can do our laundry. Now if you look at the picture above, you will see three units, there are actually four, but there might as well be three, because you can only use three at one time. And that is just the washers. If some one decided to use three dryers at the same time, the breaker blows and nothing works! There are even signs posted in the room stating this very fact, but do you think anyone reads them "NO!" I rant about this because doing laundry around here is an all day or sometimes night, thing. I dislike it when new people move into the complex, because they haven't figured out the whole "don't run three dryers at the same time" method. I want to kick them in the teeth, but I walk over to the wall, cuss under my breath and turn the breaker back on again, for the 100th time. I cannot wait to have my own washer and dryer again, and not have to share it with 30 other apartments.

Don't get me wrong, we really do live in a pretty good place, if you consider 12 by 95 feet big, and with concrete walls and tile floors, nice, then yes I live at the Ritz. Here is Tyson showing off our lovely stairs that he has been known to fall down at least once a month. Poor kid. He is so tough! He just stands back up without a cry and brushes himself off and up he goes again. He is going to make a great football player someday.
Another shot of our "lovely" place of residence. Can you tell I am ready to go home?


Cluff Family said...

Love it Nicole!! I was going to say you could hang the clothes out... oh wait... where would you do that AND it hasn't stopped raining enough to do it :) These are seriously "good times" here on St. Maarten! HA HA