Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I am the Village Idiot and Happy 4th of July

First off,
This is the second 4th of July that I have had to miss being here on St. Maarten and I must say I miss this holiday. The Spouses Organization put together a little pot luck with sparklers and watermelons and lots of food, which helped to make it feel like the 4th back home, a little bit. But let's face it, nothing beats the little kid races, the parade, the 5am wake up dynamite(set off by my grandfather and uncle back home) and of course the town fireworks. GOSH I miss those things!! Next year we will not miss another 4th!

Ok so for the 1st half of the title. I know you are all dying to hear what a dork I am, so let me hustle the delay. So......I had to go and pay my power bill at the GEBE office in Phillipsburg today because the office in Simpson Bay is closed for who knows what! The office opens at 8 in the morning and I was determined to be there right as it opened to get in, get out and get home....HA HA WHO WAS I KIDDING!
Laura and I dropped off the little boys with her parents who are staying here for a week so as to not have to deal with their headstrong ways while standing in line. We get to the GEBE office at 7:45 and would you believe it there is already a line out the door. So we waited for an hour in the sun, then were ushered inside, where it is air conditioned and waited another 30 minutes and finally I paid my bill which took 1.4 minutes. OH!!!

The story doesn't end there, we went to a bank to deposit money and that took 45 minutes. I think it was National Slow Day on St. Maarten today and someone forgot to send me the MEMO!!!

With all the bills paid we headed back to the Sonesta in Maho to pick up the boys. Just as we are walking up to Laura's parents' room I turn to fiddle with my keys and realize "They are missing"!!
We headed back to the parking garage and would you imagine, me, the idiot, locked them inside the car. It took over 3 hours and 20 phone conversations, and 1 Telcel card to finally get a key for the car to be unlocked. Just my luck...National Slow Day...


Cluff Family said...

Nicole, You really do have all the luck! HA HA! You should lock yourself in a padded room on these days LOL!!

Jackson's in Paradise said...

I know Jill. I wish I had a preminition one these kind of days that says "Don't get out of bed. Bad idea if you do".