Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Days of Fun

Phillipsburg and Pelican Key, what better combinations are there...........oh wait, dutch oven potatoes and peach cobbler, yeah those are good too, but since we can't have those till we get back to the states, the former will have to do. I took mom down the tourist trap of Phillipsburg, Frontstreet. We had a great time going in and out of jewelry shops, trying on expensive jewelry and wanting it, looking at the clothes, and just taking in the scenery. The picture of the circle thing on the street is a big map of St. Maarten in the cement. It is actually pretty cool and so we needed a picture by it. I was able to purchase me some earrings with my birthday money from everyone (thanks all) and mom is still debating about a black diamond ring she saw, we'll have to update later on that one.

Mom wanted to see the planes fly in over the beach, so we drove back to Maho and to Sunset Beach Bar where we had two of the best hamburgers on the island. We picked the perfect time to be there. We saw 4 big planes and about 5 little ones land. My mom loved the fact that it is all ocean and then..............runway. Now where else are you going to see that? At Sunset they had this toy airplane that the kids can ride in. Tyson went right over to it and said, "Ride, a yeah Ride." So Grandma placed 2 quarters in the thing, and guess what........yep.....it didn't work. I should have known. But we got a great picture of him in it and to our surprise some lady who worked there asked if it worked and when we told her it didn't, she gave us our money back. Well, blow me over....I never thought that would happen here, I stand corrected.
Today was a rush of events and we were able to do them all. First, I let mom have a taste of what it is like going grocery shopping on the island. She was impressed with the new Grand Marche in Cole Bay and laughed when I said I had to go to Food Express in Maho to finish the job. She couldn't believe that we have to go to two or more stores just to find all of the grocery items. Welcome to St. Maarten! Once that job was finished we had to pay rent, eat a quick lunch and change into our suits and head to Pelican Key. I was hoping to get mom to snorkel with me at Pelican Key, because they have some great snorkeling, but she decided not to. (she can't swim) So we played around in the shallow water for about 2 hours and then raced home. Now during this time, Tyson has had no nap...Keep this in mind as you read on.

He sleeps for the ride back to the apartment and then wakes up. We clean off, make and eat dinner, and then take this funny picture of us three. (Well, I at least look funny, but it was good of the other two). We finished out the night with a trip to the movie theater in Simpson Bay with the showing of "Ratatouille." Tyson slept the ride there and during the time before the movie started, then he woke up for the previews. Now knowing that he hasn't slept for probably more than 45 minutes combined, I figured this was going to be a short film for us, but lo and behold, the kid sat with his popcorn on his little seat for 3/4 of the movie. And the other 1/4 he would travel back from mom's lap to mine. He lasted the whole time, tantrum free! YIPPEE!! I may take him to the evening show again. We topped the night off with ice cream and then bed. Another wonderful time!