Sunday, July 29, 2007

Up To Date Events

It has been an eventful couple of days with mom being here. We have just exhausted all our energy and after church today, took a needed hour nap. Mom was able to experience the church here on the island. It has the exact same teaching as home, just a little interesting twist with no A/C, and with the islanders methods. It can get kind of comical sometimes, but it still is true. The bottom shot is of the outside of the church. It isn't very big, but it does the job.

On Saturday we went to Long Bay. I missed this beach when the Spouses Organization went to it with the "beach a week", so we decided to check it out. IT WAS GORGEOUS! The beach is long, hence the name "Long Bay." And it was that beautiful Caribbean Blue. I was able to get a wonderful action shot of mom as the waves about rolled her. (it is down below)

I also did a funny thing that day. The wind was blowing a bit and took a hold of the beach umbrella and whisked it down the beach. I jumped out of the water and sprinted down the sand toward the flying umbrella. Now picture this, if you can, I am sprinting, something I rarely do, and as I am just about to catch the umbrella, my toe catches on the sand and I plowed a furrow into the beach side. I was so embarrassed! Laura and my mom were witnesses to this and I was sure they were laughing as I got up and ran, again, after the umbrella. The umbrella was trashed and I came back with my pride hurt just a bit. Laura said I looked like a Baywatch babe until the big CRASH!. Oh boy.....but the rest of the day was spent enjoying the sun and beach.

Mom was also present at our daily walk and did really well in the sweltering heat. She was able to endure it and then play with Tyson at the park, which is his favorite place. To everyone at home, I am taking great care of mom and as you can see she is having a ball. We are so excited that she gets to stay with us another week. YAH!!


Cluff Family said...

Yippee for coming home! I am soo excited for ya'll to visit and especially to see your dad and surprise your sister!! I did eat dutch oven for you but it looks like you can also enjoy it for yourself now :) Hope your plane ride goes well!! It looks like your mom had a blast on the island with you!!!