Thursday, March 22, 2007

Walking on the French side

Since we have had all the political parties on the island trying to get elected, our little walking group was forced off of the golf course walkways, because we were in the way or something like that. I haven't seen anyone else be forced to change their workout habits and have seen lots of joggers still frequenting the walkways.....OH WELL!
It must be the government's way of showing power. Whatever...anyways, we found a new walking spot over on the French side of the island by Long Bay. It is actually a nicer place to walk with an actual road and get this...people are nice to us. They wave when they pass us, and slow down the cars. WOW! Quite a change from the Dutch side of the island where any minute you might be side swipped by a hugh MACK truck.

This is a picture of one of the extravagent entryways into some of the mega nice houses on the French side. This red one is my favorite. The view is also pretty on the French side. You get to see some of the pretty houses and the ocean from a distance. We do have an occational dog bark at us from time to time, but it is a lot nicer than having the police bark at us.

Laura found my VILLA on the French side. even has my name on it. Wouldn't that be nice if it were mine. Well...I can dream can't I!