Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pinel..The best beach ever!

Every Saturday the Spouses Organization will go to a new beach here on the island. Since there are like 32 different beaches, and since we are on the island, what better way to pass the time than to visit them. We went to Tyson's favorite beach today, Pinel.

This beach is a little island that is off the French side shore. You have to take a ferry out there, and luckily for us the drivers weren't on strike like they have been for the past month. As you can see from the picture the beach is white sand with blue water and the beach chairs are so nice. You can rent a pair of them for $15 which is a good price because usually they are $20. Here is Tyson with his buddies Gavin and Peyton playing on the beach.

Tyson barely let me get his floaters on and he was running toward the water. Now for the last few beach times, he hasn't wanted to get into the water, but that wasn't the case today. He was a FISH. He jumped from the shore into the ocean and laughed and giggled. It was good to see him having fun in the water again.

We were there a better part of the day and so we both came back a little red, but now that it is nighttime the redness is about gone and we are once again tan. I am never tan, but here on St. Maarten, I am.

As you can see from the pictures the little kiddo loves the water again, and is quite the swimmer. Look at that cute grin. AH!


Anonymous said...

great pictures. he must have a handsome dad!