Friday, March 30, 2007

I have had ENOUGH!

This is Tyson today about 7:00p.m. This week has been a whirlwind of events and he has had enough. He sat down in his car seat and stayed there. He didn't want to move. Poor kid. He is probably so exhausted because mom dragged him out of bed the last two mornings at 7:00a.m. for the Spouses Organization Burrito Sale. This only should last one day, but we had made a ton and didn't sell them all the first day, so......we had to do it again. LUCKY US! Tyson was not please at all to get up and didn't want to be apart of the burrito sale.

I am sure you are wondering why his car see is in the house? I would wonder that myself if I were you. The answer is quite simple, cars are being stolen all around campus and so that we don't loose the car seat, we have to bring it up 3 flights of stairs each night to be housed in our cracker jack box apartment. (Just what I needed, one more thing to pack up the stairs).

Our friends Laura and Jason lost their car Tuesday night, and Laura's stroller was in it. So, I have been trying to keep my stuff. Even though this isn't funny to loose a car, it is quite interesting to get up each morning and race to the window to see if we are next for the car thieves. I wonder where the heck they go with the cars? I mean it isn't like they car drive to another place, we are on an island. Unless they turn them into hovercrafts and go to Saba or Anguilla.

To add to the week, Tyson also had a rough day when we made burritos. We meet over to Laura's house, where the kids have a place to play and we have a place to bake. We weren't there 40 minutes and Tyson tripped over his feet and his mouth came in contact with the edge of her coffee table. There were tears and blood, but he soon cheered up and went on playing. An hour later he and a little girl were in Laura's long hallway playing when all of the sudden we heard a THUD and then "WAHHHEEE." The little girl had a 16 oz can of tomatoes in her hands and it came crashing down on Tyson's left big toe. He squirmed and screamed and I felt so bad, but there was nothing I could do. He kept screaming for about 15 minutes, so we cleaned up and got ready to leave. Just as the day was looking up and he was starting to calm down WACK, mom ran his head into a tree stump just outside of Laura's door. I forgot it was there and turned around and his head hit it. He didn't cry, just looked at me with a "are you serious woman, I have had enough," look. Poor picked on kid. Like I said, he just had one rough week.