Friday, March 16, 2007

A Little Time Off

Vaughn took his Neuro test this afternoon and then decided that he was going to take the rest of the day off from studying and be with Tyson and I. YIPPIE! So we headed to Mullet Beach. Here is a candid shot of the little tyke as he came running towards me. Notice the sandy hands....he loves to play in the sand.

Tyson has been sick the past few days with a cold, but he felt better today and was ready to be in the water with his dada. He likes to swim with Vaughn more than me. Probably because Vaughn has bigger arms and hands to hold him. Or maybe he just doesn't like me.....just teasing......he is a moma's boy.
We spend the rest of the evening eating Domino's Pizza and watching the College Basketball games on CBS. I love March Madness. It was an enjoyable evening to spend with Vaughn and I know he needed the break. This 3rd semester is a tough one.

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The picture of Tyson with the sand on his hands is my very favorite picture ever. He looks so grown up! It's good to see that his dad gets to get away from the books once in a while. We love all of you.