Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Crazy Kid

Tyson has been learning new things at a rapid pace. Each day the kid has a new trick or has figured out something new or says a new word. Now this is really cool to this novice mom, but at the same time it does come with a cautionary tag attached. Like the picture above.....Tyson loves to get into this cubby and sit, and how he contorts his body to do so is beyond me, but he does. The only problem is that once he is through being a circus monkey he can't get out. He got in, but I guess contorting our body out of this predicament is a few more weeks down the road. So I hear this blood curling scream and rush into the room thinking he has fallen and blood will be everywhere, only to see that he is stuck.....AGAIN! Mom to the rescue.

Yesterday was another learning experience for us both. Tyson has been fascinated with his nostrils and loves to stick his fingers up them searching for gold. We try to stop the habit, but it is like trying to talk to the wall. Knowing that, he decided to see what it would be like to stick an olive slice up his nose. I had no idea he had even done this, until he came running towards me saying, "Nose Nose Nose." I thought he needed it wiped and went to do so when out came a black "thing." I thought, "How gross! A black booger." Not so, it was an olive. I asked him where the rest of the olive was and he pointed to his nose. Sure enough......the rest was way up there.

Luckily he had a sneeze and more came out, but it took the better part of the hour to retrieve the last part. Oh MY!!! I didn't come here to be the doctor, but tonight I was. Only instead of using a scalpel and gloves, I had tweezers, q-tips and a flash light. Just call me "MacGyver."


Anonymous said...

That is too funny!!!! I can just picture him doing that. haha.