Friday, March 16, 2007

The Little Flirts

I forgot to add this to the last post. While we were at the beach today, Tyson and Peyton were walking around down by where Laura and I were sitting. If you have never been to Mullet Beach, let me entreat you to the scenery. Besides the beautiful beach and ocean there are also lots of "topless" and sometimes "barely bottom" girls walking around. So with that said....

Tyson and Peyton walked over to this topless and almost bottomless French girl. Laura and I about died. She kneeled down to talk to them as I walked over. "Sorry," I said to her and she informed me that she loved them and thought they were cute. How embarrassing it was to walk over to an almost naked person. That is an experience for the books.

Now usually when we go to the beach with the dads, Laura and I end up watching the little boys, but we do that all the time. We decided this would have been the one time that they would have said to us, "Oh, We will go and get the boys." LOL. Once we told them about the little boys' encounter with the half naked chic, they were proud as peaches that their boys could flirt. AH!

I know that this picture doesn't have a naked girl in it, but this was taken seconds before the little boys walked over to her. So you can see that they are cute little flirts....