Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tyson Cut His Shirt

My two kids can be a hoot sometimes. And the more I think about this the more I laugh. Here is just an incident that happened last week that still makes me chuckle.
Tyson was working on his home work and I was helping him with a math problem, when I looked over at the sleeve of his shirt and noticed that it had three scissors cuts down it. One was about 1/2 inch and the other 2 were about 1/4 inch long. So I questioned him about it.

Mom: Tyson, what are those marks on your shirt?
Tyson: I don't know. (little stinker knew exactly what they were)
Mom: Tyson, (in a controlled voice) this will go a whole lot better for you if you will just tell me the truth.
Tyson: I cut my sleeve with scissors.
Mom: WHAT?!? (little calmer) Why on earth did you do that?
Tyson: Because my other friends were trying it so I did.
Mom: So if your other friends jump off the school building are you going to follow them?
Tyson: No!
Mom: So why did we do this?
Tyson: (classic answer) I don't know?
Mom: ARG!!!

We then had a talk about why we don't cut our clothes and that I cannot fix them and about the expense of clothing. He and I made a deal that the next shirt he wanted he was going to have to buy to understand the value of taking care of things you have. Plus I threatened to tell his dad, at which point he about had a come apart and promised not to do it again if I didn't say anything to dad. Okay, problem taken care of, back to homework.
An hour later Vaughn comes home from the hospital and what does little miss do:
Taryn: (running towards her dad) DAD, DAD, DAD guess what Tyson did. He cut the sleeve of his shirt.
At this point in time Tyson is trying, with no avail, to stop Taryn from tattling to her dad about what he did and I am trying to do the same. The damage had been done, and Tyson got another lecture from his dad. Not a pretty sight. Taryn totally tattled on her big brother.
NOTE TO SELF: Do not discipline Tyson in front of Taryn, she will tell everyone about it! Good Advice!


Daisie said...

HAHAHAHA!! Poor Tyson!! I guess he'll REALLY think twice before doing anything where he'll get disciplined in front of Little Miss Taryn!! :)