Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tank is Finished...Bring on the Race!

(Drum roll please...)Introducing the Tank which will represent Tyson at this year's Pinewood Derby on Jan 28th. Check out that tough looking tank. It will instill fear into all the other racer's hearts. HA HA HA. Okay, so it may not do that, but it looks COOL! Tyson and his dad worked really hard to put this together. I also added my flair, the camo and the flag were my idea.

This is to show support for all our troops. We love you all! This one is for you!


Carly, Bryce and Coen! said...

how cute!! Coen made his into a truck. he wanted a truck just like dads! it was so much fun and i cannot believe that our babies are cubscouts!