Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WBIR Scouts on TV

The mighty, mighty, Tiger Scouts. For one of our "Go-Sees" we visited a TV news station, WBIR News at 4:00. I was a bit leery as to how all of these little boys were going to act in a closed and quiet environment. Usually it is hard to keep them all quiet at den meetings.

Here they all are holding up the scout sign for QUIET! Gotta love that.

Tyson looks very intrigued as he listens to his scout master talk about what they will be seeing and doing at the news station.

Here they are waiting to go on TV. They got a full tour of the whole news station and were able to ask all kinds of questions. Then, they were allowed to watch a live taping of the four o'clock news and be on the news. The camera man was a hoot. He told these boys to wave at the camera when the RED light went on. So they practiced a few times and it took some of them a few tries to understand what was going on. HA HA HA.

Mr. Cheesy Grin. He thought it was so COOL to be on TV. What a great experience for him. He sure loves being involved in scouting.