Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Weeks in Prime Review

It was high time that we take a visit to the dentist office. It has been since we lived that first year in Michigan that Tyson and I have seen a dentist. We asked around and the Marlow's steered us into the direction of Dr. Nations, which is only 2 miles from where we live. His office is wonderful. The staff: so nice, the nurses: kind and considerate, Dr. Nations: very gentle and knowledgeable, and great with Tyson. Then came the bad news, Tyson needed to have a cavity filled and I needed a filling replaced. What else is new?
I didn't tell him about the whole numbing process, because I knew the kid might not be very happy about the shot in the mouth. Dr. Nations was very good and Tyson never flinched when he was given the shot. He didn't like the feeling that the shot gave him on the side of his mouth. he kept saying, "It feels like my lip is huge." Here he is trying to suck out the spit from his mouth.

All finished. I am so proud of my little boy. He was such a trooper, never moved or cried or anything. He just sat there like a champ while they worked on him. That is mommy's kid! YEAH! Needless to say he is a lot tougher than his momma; I hate needles. When it was my turn to have some dental work done, I go all natural. I do most of my work without being numbed. I hate the feeling. The nurse thought I was crazy, but I assured her that I wouldn't flinch or cry out. She didn't believe it, but I made good on that promise. Finally, some clean, well taken care of teeth. Now I need to get Vaughn and Taryn in for their cleanings.

Two beautiful princesses. The other day we had Julia over to play and the girls dressed up immediately, and then it was off to set up the tea set.

After the "tea party" it was time for the painting of the nails part of the party. Pretty in pink and blue were the chosen colors. Look at those pretty nails, wish mine looked that good.

Off to the Knoxville, Ball Park Olympics. Our friends, the Daily's were having a make shift Olympic Games at the park and we were invited to participate.

It is a foot race to the end. Taryn, bless her little heart, ran as fast as her little chubby legs would go. She is a hoot to watch run. She gets her arms just a pumping. She runs like her Aunt D which is a good thing, because if she ran like her mamma, it would be scary.Next, the older kids ran. Tyson had some older kids with longer legs in his race, but he still ran well. He was a bit disappointed when he didn't win, but then I showed him their height and leg span he understood why he didn't win. That helped.

The "Roman Shield Race." The kids lined up and down the run way every 25 yards, and then handed off a shield to the next runner. Just like a relay race in track. Taryn was right on Rylan's heals the whole time. Love watching this.

"I got this." My son's exact words as he Long Jumped across the cement. He has some hops. Not like his momma. Good thing he get that athletic ability from dad, else we would be in some serious trouble.

This was the javelin throw, but we used noodles. Rachel Daily, the lady in pink, organized this whole fun filled afternoon. Thanks Rachel for the fun and food. At the end of the games she even had a little medal ceremony where she crowned the winners with Laurel Leaf crowns. Tyson got one for the long jump. He was way excited!