Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February...When Will You Be Over?

I can truly say that I don't hate many things, but I HATE the month of February. This is one of those months that so many bad things have happened in my life.

- Mom had a brain aneurysm (was in the hospital for a month)
- Dad was diagnosed with cancer
- Dad died
- Vaughn was really sick
- and the list goes on...
Who knows how much I will blog this month just because I loath it. I do try to enjoy Valentine's Day but after that it is just "how fast can the month move."


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

ugh nicole! i guess at least you get through all the hard to remember anniversary dates at once...may be you could find ways to reverse them...like a good cause to contribute to...a cancer or aneurysm fundraiser...how to shoot a big bull pamphlet making {your dad could provide the pictures}...no really, put your grief to action cuz i know when you act things get done...and it will distract you! also a great way to honor these incredible people you love and the hardships you have faced with them!

Daisie said...

Well, it's half way over now! 15 down, 14 to go! At least it's a short month!! We miss you guys so much!! xoxo!!