Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jellyfish Funnies

Taryn goes to a little preschool conducted by myself and a few other mom's out of our homes. Two weeks ago they were working on the letter "J" and they had made Jellyfish out of paper plates and tissue paper. She loves to tell Tyson about her day at school when we pick him up from school. Here is the conversation I heard in the back seat of the car:

Taryn: Tyson, Tyson, guess what I learned in school today? (she never waits for an answer) I learned about the letter "J".
Tyson: That is cool Taryn.
Taryn: Yeah, and we made Jellyfish at Miss Abby's today. And they have chemicals that will sting you and wrap around you.
Tyson: They have what?
Taryn: Chemicals that sting you really bad. (at this point I figured out she was trying to say "tentacle's" and was laughing at her pronunciation of the word)
Tyson: Taryn they are not chemicals, they are tentacles.
Taryn: No they are not Tyson! They have chemicals!!
Tyson: Yes, but they are called Ten-ta-cals, not chemicals.
Taryn: You don't know Tyson, I went to school and this is what Miss Abby said.

HA HA HA. I am about to pee my pants with laughter and finally had to intervene between the two or it would have escalated into a screaming match. Taryn is not one to back down and will tell you what is what, even if she is wrong. Love it. Such fun memories!! She will read this one day and laugh.


Daisie said...

Oh my gosh that is HILARIOUS!! Those dang chemicals!!