Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Santa Claus came to the Jackson house! I figured these two would have gotten up at the crack of dawn, but I was wrong and BOY was I GLAD I was wrong. Since I spent the night putting Christmas together, I was glad that they decided to sleep in. So Christmas officially started for us at 9 a.m. That is the latest I have ever opened gifts. YES!

Taryn was so happy to get her "Princess Kitchen" and Tyson was over joyed for his "Wolf Mountain." That made the long night before worth all the time and effort it took to put it all together.
They just wanted to play with what Santa had brought them. It actually took some coaxing to get them to open their other gifts.
Tyson got a REAL bow with REAL arrows from Grandma and Papa Jackson. He wanted to go out and shoot it right then and there. (If Vaughn had felt better I think this would have happen)
Poor Vaughn, he was able to come down stairs and watch the kids open up gifts and open up his own, but then the Vertigo over took him and he went back upstairs to lay down.
The Bat Cave. Tyson wanted this FOREVER! Thanks Grandma T. This will provide lots of fun for this kid and for Taryn as well.
Princess Clothes. Thanks Grandma Jackson. Taryn had to put them on right after she opened them up. Too Cute!
Pinkalicious stuff. OH BOY! Taryn has just started to like "Pinkalicious" and so to get anything to do with her lit up Taryn's little face.
Here is one of the Princess Costumes......more to come.
The Princess in the Princess Kitchen. This was so darn cute to watch. I could have watched her play all day.
Tyson loved handing out the presents to everyone and then looking for ones that have his name on them to open up. I love watching the eyes of children when opening up a gift. There is nothing like it!
"Beauty and the Beast" We have rented this DVD from the library ever since we moved to Knoxville and Taryn finally has a copy all her own. She said, "This is Taryn's movie." Yep sis, this is yours. (We watched it twice today)
Cookin' up some "fake" hot dogs in the Princess Kitchen.
I started a tradition a few years back of making cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve to eat for breakfast Christmas morning. They are delicious. I look forward to them every year.
Everything has been opened and now we PLAY!
After opening up the gifts, and breakfast, Vaughn headed back upstairs to lay down for a while. So the kids and I got all dressed in our new Christmas clothes and took pictures. Notice Taryn's pulled face. I told her to smile and this is what I got. HA HA HA
Take Two......she is still PULLING THE SMILE. (come on sis, you are killin' me)

Wouldn't ya know it! Now Taryn decides to smile NORMAL and Tyson does that! Geeze....I couldn't win. Oh well. They make for fun pictures. It was a good Christmas.


Cluff Family said...

Adorable pictures Nicole! Vaughn looks miserable! I'm praying for brighter days for you all!

Will n Chelsea said...

I can't believe how grown up Taryn is!!! Your kiddos are adorable! You are such a great mom Nicole. I sure miss having ya here in Michigan! :)