Friday, December 24, 2010

In An Instant.......

We as human beings take so much for granted, it is just human nature to do this. One thing I think we all take for granted the most is our health. We never question our well being until it becomes compromised and then we remember to be grateful for good health. This concept has hit our family hard the past few days.
Wednesday, Vaughn called me from the hospital to come and get him, said he was too dizzy to drive. I picked him up from work, brought him home and put him to bed. He slept for about 20 hours and then woke up Thursday morning, still just as dizzy as the day before. He was unable to keep any food or liquid down if he sat up or stood up. But if he stayed in bed then he could drink a little bit and eat some.
Thursday afternoon he said it was serious and so we took him back to the hospital to be seen by one of his faculty doctors. The kids and I waited for 2 hours in the lobby while they did all kinds of tests on him. Finally, they told us they thought it had something to do with his inner ear. So we were sent over to the Ears, Nose and Throat doctors (ENTs). There, they gave him a few more tests and then sent him home. They figure something is blocking the inner ear thus causing the vertigo, but they cannot see anything blocking it. We picked up a band of prescriptions and brought him back home, where he has been in bed ever since.
I have never seen him this sick. And he confesses that he has never been this sick in his life. I am so grateful for all the prayers, blessings, calls, food and just general concern that has come our way. Thank you everyone! We will just pray that what ever is ailing his body soon repairs itself and he is made whole again. I also pray that myself and the children stay healthy and are able to take care of Vaughn.
(On another note, besides having Vaughn sick, Wednesday night Tyson threw up all in his bed and so Taryn and I slept down stairs on the couch cushions while Tyson slept in her tiny bed and Vaughn slept in our bed. Tyson is now feeling better, but was very sick yesterday while at the hospital. What a way to spent Christmas.)


The Conway's said...

OH my goodness...hopefully he gets feeling better soon!

Cluff Family said...

Hey Nicole! I'm so sorry about this, I just heard! It really breaks my heart! Praying that he responds well to treatment! Love you guys! I look up to you so very much and I can't imagine what you must be feeling and going through. Just know that I love you!!!