Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Mark this in the "Books" we had a SNOW DAY here in Knoxville. What the heck? I was shocked. There was maybe 1/2 an inch and they called a snow day. Holy cow! It has to snow 2 feet back home for the buses not to run to school, for them to call a snow day. I laugh just thinking about it. So we took advantage of the so called snow and went out in the back yard for a good snowball fight.
Here are the kiddos all bundled up making their snowballs. Needless to say, I won! I usually will let my kids beat me in all other games, except when it comes to snow. I hate to be cold, so I won! (I know, I am a mean mom, but hey, survival of the fittest!) But the kids had a ball dodging and throwing snowballs and we played until Taryn said, "I'm done."


Holly said...

I need to let Kylie play in the snow. Are your kids enjoying the weather?