Friday, September 24, 2010

Tyson's First Two T-Ball Games

And so we begin our saga with sports. I AM SO EXCITED!! I don't know who is more happy about this, Tyson or me. I am just thrilled that he can be involved and make new friends, and learn new skills. He likes it because he is "BIG TIME" now that he is playing in a "real" game. (He is the kid with his hands on his knees, in the blue shorts.)

The kid can hit the ball. All those days at the park paid off and he can make the ball go pretty far for a 5 year old. Here he is putting down the bat and running to first base.
He is still learning all about the fundamentals of the game, like staying in place. When the other team hits the ball, every kid on his team runs for the ball and then it is a big fight to see who can get the ball. Tyson, being the tallest kid on his team, used those long legs and was usually the one who got to the ball first. The coaches soon learned that he needed a bit more coaching. They put him on first base and told him not to run towards the ball unless it came to him. HA HA HA. It was a good lesson for him, but now he gets frustrated when the kids don't throw the ball to him fast enough. Here he is yelling to a team mate to throw him the ball. Funny kid.
Tyson, not paying attention to what is going on at the plate, but at whatever is going on towards the left of him. (He wasn't the only kid doing this. Most of the team was playing in the dirt, running towards the fence to see their moms or picking their nose). T-ball has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever experienced. And some of the parents get so mad at their kid when they are not paying attention. I just laugh!
Action shot, running towards a ball, FINALLY!
Waiting for a play.
Catching the ball to tag the runner on first base.
Here is Tyson at the plate getting a few pointers on hitting the ball and then he knocks it!

Tyson running the bases and nearly passing his team mate. We still have some basics to learn...