Sunday, September 19, 2010

UT vs Florida/ Our Date

I have now been initiated into the world of "real" college football. And it reminds me of high school football, but on steroids. Every where we walked....there was an on-going sea of orange and white. Once inside of the UT stadium it was wall to wall orange and white and a few specks of the Florida blue. HOLY COW!!! I have never seen so many people in one place at the same time. It was NUTS!!!I have proof that I was really there, I am with the doc. Vaughn was working the game and missed bits and pieces of it. Luckily I wasn't alone while he was away saving the "idiots" who were dehydrated and passed out, or the other ding dongs who were so drunk they fell. There was another doctor's spouse sitting by us and so she and I became fast friends as we cheered on UT by ourselves. (and yes I was sporting the UT orange. Gotta support!)

They announced that the stadium was near capacity that day. Over 100,000 people, just for a football game. And the din in the stadium was enough to blow out my ears. I have been to quite a few rock concerts in my days, but this was twice as loud as any rock concert. Total pandemonium!
They even had a Good Year Blimp. It doesn't get any better than this.
UT's marching band was phenomenal! It was like watching a state drill team meet during the Military dance, only WAY better. I love this "T" they made. And during the opening performance they also produced a "USA" on the field and many other cool shapes. It was impressive.
This clip is of the UT football team and others running into the stadium. I thought it was pretty cool to see.
You have to watch this clip till about 30 seconds in to just hear how loud it gets in the stadium when UT is doing something well or is about to make a play. Unbelievable!!
I had such an awesome time going to this game and even though it was unreal "crazy" with people I cannot wait to go again.


Alex & Allie said...

Nicole can I just tell you how JEALOUS my husband is. He LOVES college football and said on Saturday I just wish I could be there. So when I was looking at your blog he about knocked the computer over trying to figure out what LUCKY person got to go... Ha ha looks like tons of fun

The Conway's said...

That's awesome! I bet that was an awesome experience...
How did Vaughn get lucky enough to work the UT game?
It's good to see you two finally getting to enjoy some doctor "perks"...haha