Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Geared Up For T-ball--Redneck Style

We just found out about the T-ball schedules around here and then found out that we missed registration by several months. So, Tyson was a little bummed that his friends were playing and he couldn't. Then one of the guys from church was telling us that he coaches his son's T-ball team and he asked if Tyson could be allowed to play, and the officials said yes......

The kid used the rest of his birthday money to buy him a bat, and MomaD sent some money for a helmet. Thanks MOMAD!!!!
Now it is time for a little practice. We have been teaching him how to "Pitch hit" but he didn't understand how to hit the ball off of a "Tee". So we make shifted one, ya know how us rednecks are, and began practicing out in the back yard. It took a few swings to get the hang of it, but he now can hit the ball and it goes quite far for a little guy.
His first game is next Monday and he is completely excited. So excited that it is all he can talk about.