Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Tree Project and The Glamorous Gal

My little man completed his first ever classroom project and he did about 85% of it by himself. I am one proud mama....can't you tell? He had to make a family tree with things about his family and himself. The teacher let them be creative. He came up with most of the ideas and cut out darn near everything, aside from the actual tree. I just helped where he would let me.

He was so excited to take his finished project to school. Tyson is loving Kindergarten and his teacher is outstanding. I cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Smith. She treats her kids like GOLD but is still firm enough with them that the are learning how to behave and treat each other. He has gotten over the whole "nostalgia" of getting up early to get to school; most mornings we have a little fight about getting out of bed, but once breakfast is inside the little boy monster's tummy, all is well with the world and he is ready to go to school.
Having Tyson at school has been hard on Taryn. Her playmate is gone and while mom is doing some house work, she has to entertain herself. Taryn's new game is to play I-am-going-to-hide-in-the-closet-and-you-come-find-me-while-I-scream-MOMMY! It is so funny to find her and then watch her face as I open up the door. She acts like I am the paparazzi taking her photo and she is the "movie star."

She is, however, enjoying the fact that she can watch any cartoon she wants in the morning without have to fight with Tyson over the remote. "It's the little things in life......"