Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Tyson!

5 years ago today I was in shear agony trying to have my first baby. Hours of labor was totally worth it to have my little buddy in this world. I can't imagine this life without him. I also cannot believe that it has been 5 years. WHOA! Where did the time go?

Tyson awoke early this morning, not because it was his birthday, he had to get ready for school and was a bit distraught that he couldn't open up his birthday presents and play with them. It took some reassuring on my part, but I finally convinced him that they would be there when he came home from school and I also promised that the little one, Taryn, wouldn't get into them. He was much better after that, and went to school with a smile on his face. They had a little party for him at school and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He enjoyed that.While he was at school, mom, (that would be me) went to work on making another birthday cake. Tyson wanted a Bakugan cake. That was his theme this year, and boy did he pick a hard one. If you look at the Bakugan logo, it is nothing too easy to make a cake out of, but with a lot of luck and a little skill I pulled it off. Tyson loved it and that was all that mattered.
Make a wish buddy.
After Tyson blew out his candles, little Taryn decided that she needed to blow them out as well. Oh GREAT! Now this tradition starts. I remember my sister Danielle doing the same thing. So we lit the candles again so she could have a turn.
Tyson got to open a few presents periodically during the day, but he had to wait to open the majority of them until dad came home from the hospital. I didn't think he would be able to wait and would bombard me with the pleading of, "please can I open my presents!" But I never heard it. WOW! I was impressed at his patience.Once Vaughn got home Tyson was able to open another gift and then it was off to McDonald's for his birthday dinner. Now, we are not cheap parents--we told him he could pick any place he wanted to for his birthday dinner and he picked McDonald's. What a kid! He was thrilled and so was Taryn that they could get a happy meal, a toy and then play after dinner. Worked for me; cheap, easy and I didn't have to cook.
Once dinner was out of the way and the kids were through playing at the play area, we came home to do the most important part of a kid's birthday, THE PRESENTS! Tyson was thrilled to open his gifts. Thanks to all the family and friends who gave gifts, he loved them all and was so excited for each one.
Just look at that grin. I would say he is a happy kid. Just before going to bed he said to me, "Mom this was the best birthday ever." I was so glad. Since we don't know a lot of kids here yet, I knew having a "kid" party was out of the question, so I was hoping that a "family" party would suffice, and luckily it did.
Happy Birthday buddy. We love you so very much and are so grateful for you in our family!


Daisie said...

WOW! I'm impressed with your cake and your mad kanji skills!! I can't believe how big your kids are getting--Taryn is losing her cute little chubby cheeks :( ! Glad Tyson loved his birthday cake and that it was the "best birthday ever"! That just melts your heart and makes everything worth it, doesn't it? Gotta love that the kid chose McDonald's for his birthday dinner!! Miss you guys!

The Conway's said...

Happy Birthday, Tyson!!! You're getting to get pretty good at your cake decorating skills. I would have went the cheap route and found some sugar letters...haha