Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Vaughn

He is finally as old as me. Vaughn is technically 2 months younger than I am, so you could say I married a younger man, but really what is 2 months. His birthday was spent at the hospital. (What a way to spend your birthday.) He worked until noon and then came home, picked up his dad, (who is visiting) and they went to the UT vs UAB game. And for once, even though Vaughn was there working at the game, he wasn't called upon to take care of the crowd. I contribute that to the fact that it was very overcast and there was a cool breeze blowing, so there wasn't the normal idiots out in the HOT sun with heat stroke or dehydration or something related to those problems. So he actually got to enjoy the game with his dad. We spent dinner at the Texas Roadhouse here in Knoxville, where his parents had the waiter and waitresses embarrass him by making him sit on a saddle, in front of the whole restaurant while they yelled "Happy Birthday" and "YEE HAW" to him. He went beat red, but was a good sport about it. I attempted to again make some kind of cheese cake for his birthday. And since last year's cheese cake was such a disaster, I tried an easier recipe. It did taste a lot better, even though it didn't look that pretty. (HEY, I get points for trying, right?)