Friday, August 27, 2010

Taryn's Comments

Okay, so I have to blog about the little Princess and her many funny saying.
She will say "Welcome" when you ask her to say thank you.....HA HA HA It gets quite a reaction from those that don't know her.
She calls McDonald's "EDonals" And will let me know about everyone she sees. In fact we live right across the street from a McDonald's and she will look out the window each morning and say, "Mom, EDonals, Taryn yeah yeah yeah!!!" And say it with such enthusiasm. It is to die for.
She loves anything princess, but she cannot say princess so she uses her word "Kinkas." I have no idea where this came from but if she is talking about princesses she calls them Kinkas.
Her vocabulary grows miles every day. The kid is like a sponge and will say anything I do. Like the other day I said "Crap" in front of her when I was frustrated about something, and guess what my little darling said not two minutes later "Oh Crap mommy." GEEZE!!