Sunday, July 11, 2010

St Maarten: Shopping In Merigot & Dinner Cruise

Time for more pictures of this beautiful place. This is just off of a pier on our resort. A great place for being a tourist.Another shot of the resort.This is a scene I truly love, Merigot Marketplace. On Wednesday the girls and I got up early and left the boys to hang out while we went shopping. The marketplace was open, thankfully, and of course I had to go to Katrina's shop.Yes she is French, and they always kiss. Cracks me up. I shopped in her store at least once a month for jewelry and always for Christmas gifts. It was great to go back there and see all new wares at her place and to see her. She recognized me at once and we caught up on lost time. She was always so good to Tyson and I and she sent me home with little gifts for him and Taryn. Such a sweet lady.

Here we are with all our goodies from shopping. You can't see it, but I was sweating so bad that the back of my shirt was drenched. YUCK!Once we got back we hung out on our beach with the boys for a while and then it was time to head to our dinner cruise. And this is where I got STUPID!...... I forgot that we would be out on the ocean and that it was very windy and wavy, and stupid me forgot to take her Dramamine. SO DUMB! I was so excited for this cruise; we did it once when we lived there and it was unbelievable. So here is a great picture of me before I was sick.
Nice action shot, again before I was sick!
Mark decided to get a little cheeky. HA HA HA
Not long after this my hands and feet went numb and I was sure I was going to pass out. One of the crew members grabbed me and took me to the back of the boat, gave me a plastic bag-to throw up in-paper towels, and ice chips to chew. I crawled into a ball and tried not to watch 6 other people throwing up over the side of the boat. Now in my defence, it was very choppy water and people were getting sick left and right. After about 10 minutes and three cups of ice chips, I felt tons better. YUCK! I was also very ticked off. I was missing out on all the fun because I was dumb!
The Three Munchkins!! Kyle, in the middle, looks like a munchkin from "The Wizard of Oz." I cannot remember what these guys were laughing about, but they were so funny I had to capture it.
The fun loving crew. Notice I didn't take any sick pictures of me. I wasn't about to let anyone get one of me in that state. I never threw up, but I wanted to. I still look a bit piqued in this picture, but at least I am not changing colors.
During dinner, I only ate a few bites of everything. Again I was ticked off. The food on this particular cruise is delectable. Oh well. I will just have to come back in a few years and remember the Dramamine.
Love ya babe!
Once dinner was over, and remember most people on this boat had been drinking for the past 2 hours +(all but us), the party started. Jessica and I and our failed attempts at pole dancing. HA HA
Jen and her sexy moves. Nice job!
The kids aren't here and so we decided to let loose. By the end of the cruise my stomach had settled down and I could have some fun with the rest of our crew. We stayed up late and laugh and giggled. Good times!