Saturday, July 31, 2010

Projects.....Things I Can Never Get Done!

Grandma T has come to visit us here in Knoxville, TN, and so I have put her to work. This is not a vacation, it is a time to help me with projects I cannot seem to get done. The biggest project has been Taryn's room. Since moving here two months ago, her room has consisted of a dresser, her crib and the rest has become the catch all room. I hadn't really decided how to decorate it until my mom came out to help. I wanted curtains in her room, but not the ugly ones that are out on the market to buy. I wanted to make them, but make them in a way that was one of a kind, unique. Look how they turned out.....

Then we found these DOTS at Kohl's. I love them. They can also be pulled off and moved around, if needed.
Of course she had to have a temple picture in her room. I had this particular one in my bedroom back home, in Circleville, for years. It made the trip out here to Knoxville and now belongs to Taryn. I lucked out that it matches the whole decor.
Mom also came up with a pillow case pattern and we found the pink and brown material and made two of these one of a kind pillow cases. (even though she only uses one pillow) We also made a sheet for the bed to match the pillow case, but I forgot to get a picture of it. This project took us several days and lots of brain cells to concoct it, but it is now FINI!
Then it was time to do my hair. I am not about to pay 150-200 dollars to get my hair colored. So I called Heidi, who colors my hair back home, and asked which store bought coloring I could use and be ok with. She told us how to do my hair, and here we are; attempting to weave color into my hair. I don't have an after picture, not because it didn't turn out, but because I just haven't taken a picture of me yet. Needless to say, it turned out better than I expected. Thanks mom for all your help with all my projects. (These were just two of the 20 that we did.) Now I can start a whole bunch more.