Saturday, July 10, 2010

St. Maarten: Mullet Beach

This is MY beach! Mullet beach was literately a hop-skip-jump away from where I lived on the island. Laura and I would come to this beach with the little boys at least a few times a week. I think it has the best sand, waves, water and scenery. Aren't these waves just cool? I could sit and watch the waves at Mullet all day long.Blue, gorgeous water. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More beach pictures.
There was a huge sand drop off from the beach to the water. It was fun to slide down and then land in the ocean. Loved it. We played there like a bunch of little kids.
Here is Vaughn playing in the waves like a big kid. Gosh it was a good time!
The crew! The weather wasn't sunny, but it was just right, not too hot. We played in the waves and road them into the beach all afternoon.
I love this side of the beach. That is the Rainbow beach club in the back ground. Makes for a beautiful picture.
Our last night in St. Maarten and we ended up at Jimbo's for dinner. I was sad that it was our last night, but also so excited that we had the opportunity to come down and enjoy a vacation here in this beautiful place where we used to live. I enjoyed coming and being the tourist rather than the islander.