Sunday, July 11, 2010

St. Maarten: Pinel Island & Cleaning Of The Shells

Thursday it was off to Pinel Island, too bad the weather didn't want to cooperate with us. It has been hot and humid all week and then we wake up today and the weather was rainy. But that wasn't going to stop us, we were still going to Pinel.

I love this little island. So secluded and just relaxing.
The happy couple enjoying our vacation.
Vaughn is giving me the constipated look, HA HA. I just wanted a good picture of everyone on the island.
This is the biggest lobster I have ever seen. I tried not to get the boobie girl in the shot, but the darn girl wouldn't move. She walked around all afternoon without her top on and normally that wouldn't bother me here, but she was the only one on the whole island who was topless. HA HA. And she was plastered and throwing herself at everything and everyone. It was like watching a train wreck, you really didn't want to see all the carnage but you couldn't help but look. She kept the time on the island interesting.
During the time on Pinel the guys went snorkeling and found conch shells with living conchs inside. We wanted to take the shells back as a souvenir, but we had to get out the animal inside, first. Kyle and Mark had found some when snorkeling at Orient a few days back and they just left them outside to dry out. Bad IDEA! They stunk so the boys watched UTube and learned a way to get the animals out of the shells. We documented with pictures!
Conch shells!Beautiful scenery during the shell cleaning.
Oh my GOSH!! Kyle that thing is gross! Here is the conch that was living in Kyle's shell.
Vaughn is in the beginning stages of getting his animal out.
Finally, it came out! They look just disgusting. We read that people actually will eat these raw from the shell. GROSS!!! NOT ME!
Vaughn the conch conqueror.
Here are the mighty warriors cleaning themselves, the shells, and releasing the animals back into the ocean. We then boiled the shells to get off the algae from the outside. It was an interesting night, but we got away with some pretty shells.