Monday, July 12, 2010

St. Maarten: A Week Vacation (May 22nd-May 29th)

Ok so I am really late in posting this! During the end of May, Vaughn and I were fortunate to be able to go to his graduation on St. Maarten and spend a week vacation there with family and friends. First off, I have to thank my mom for watching the kids for the week, "Thanks mom you are the best." Next I have to thank my wonderful in laws who so graciously let us use their time share. "Thank you for the vacation. " And last thanks to Mark, Jen and their friends for coming with us and having an awesome time!This is my look of shear excitement! I had been up for about 24 hours when this picture was taken, so if I look a little crazy, I probably am! This is us at the St. Maarten airport. We started the night before flying from Las Vegas, NV, to Charlotte, NC and then to St. Maarten. The kiddos were hanging out with Grandma T, so Vaughn and I had a whole week to ourselves.

The "deer in the headlights" look. But trust me he is very happy to be in St. Maarten.

My sister-in-law might kill me for this picture but I had to put it on here. This is Jen, bursting with enthusiasm, ok so she is a bit tired from our long airplane ride, but she is very happy to be on vacation without kids as well.

I think Mark is flipping me off, maybe not, just kidding. Actually he is giving me the peace out sign to signal that we are here and ready to enjoy the time off from our lives and just CHILL!

Once we got out of the airport, got the car from the rental place and checked into our awesome time share place, we were STARVING! Vaughn and I took everyone to one of our places we loved to eat at when we lived on St. Maarten "The Sugar Cane." It was neat to see the waitresses we knew. It kind of felt like we never left. The humidity was still there and yes we did sweat, a lot, but that is just part of the experience.

Vaughn and I were the master drivers of the trip. Since we lived on St. Maarten we played taxi drivers and tour guides and loved every minute of it. The van we rented wasn't the top of the line and so it had a little A/C problem and took an eternity to cool down, so we were hot most of the time in the car.

After eating that night we headed back to Pelican Key Resort, our place, and decided to go for an evening swim in the ocean. It was heavenly! I love the warm ocean water and how you can just float along the whole time! Our place was so spacious and nice. It had two bedrooms and one fold out couch bed, a nice full kitchen, patio, outside hot tub and living room. And the best part was the fact that we were upstairs, no one could bother us, and we were right on the beach. Such a view!

Twilight in St. Maarten. Vaughn and I really needed time to ourselves. It has been 4 years since we went anywhere by ourselves, so this was really fun. I did miss the kids and really wished we had brought Tyson, since he lived there too, but the vacation time for us was desperately needed!

After the swim we played games well into the morning hours. We laughed a lot until some of us almost peed our pants. What a great first day in paradise!


Wendy Lou said...

Wahoo! Glad to FINALLY get pix on the island. I miss it too! Reunion trip 2020???