Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas, (a little late)

HOLY COW SANTA CAME!! Tyson didn't think that Santa would find us, (seeing as how we had a quick change of plans and ended up in Manassa, Colorado for Christmas) but luckily the man in the big red suit came through.
A QUICK BACK UP................................................................................
Yes, you heard it right, we were not in Michigan for Christmas. Vaughn has been back west on interviews for residency and had been staying with his parents in between two interviews. During this time his brother, Trey, gets his mission call to El Salvador and wants the whole family to come out to see him one last time before he goes. So, the kids and I put the breaks on our plans out here and quickly rearranged to head to Colorado. I had to get on a plane with the two kiddos by myself, something I never want to do again. But I survived and so did the kids. To make a long story short, we got there and had Christmas and got to see Trey one last time before he leaves.Me and the kiddos opening up gifts. Taryn loved the fact that she could rip the paper off of the presents and it was ok.

Santa brought her a Princess Purse with all the amenities.
Daddy helping his daughter open up a gift.
Hey Pretty Girl. She loved showing off her new sun glasses that came with the purse. Do you like the hair??
Papa Jackson gave Tyson a BB gun for Christmas. He thought it was cool. He is a pretty good shot, I might add. Takes after his mom on that one.
Even though Uncle Trey is leaving for 2 years he still give himself a puppy for Christmas. Taryn loved the puppy and wanted to play with it all hours of the day.
Tyson and the haul of presents. Now just remember that I have to get back on a plane and fly home with all of this stuff. Christmas was great and when we get home to Michigan we will have another Christmas with the gifts we couldn't fit into the suit cases. YES!!


Libby And Brock said...

my sister just mails it back to her house before she leaves that way she doesn't have to lug everything and then it comes right to her doorstep!