Friday, December 18, 2009

Children's Museum

Today was deemed, A NECESSARY PLAY DAY, by mother and children alike. I decided that since we have been to crazy just doing all kinds of things, that it was time for a relaxing, fun, play day. I took the kids up to Flint, MI to go exploring at the Children's Museum there. It was the neatest place I have ever been. The whole place was all hands on, teaching all kind of science, math, and people skills. Here is Tyson learning about magnets.

All around the place they had these little circular chairs. Taryn had to sit on every one of them. This place was designed for children ages 1-10. It was so nice to just let her go and not to have to worry about her touching something she isn't supposed to. She could play with everything and she loved it.
This was an organ made out of PVC pipe. You used the sole of a shoe and hit the rings to make music. What kid doesn't like beating on something to make noise....I know I had a ball doing this.
This was my favorite room. The second you stepped into the room it started to make noises. The ground was rigged with these pressure points and if you stepped on them they made music. The acoustics in the room where awesome and so the kids ran around and around making their own array of music.
They also had a theater room with dress up clothes, and then a big TV where you could watch yourself perform.
Taryn found this jeweled king's seat and wanted to pick off the jewels. She sat here for about 15 minutes trying to un-stick the jewels.
They had a lot of stations where the kids learned about their bodies and hygiene.
This was our favorite part of the whole museum. As Tyson peddled, the skeleton in the glass box mimicked his movements. He loved making "Mr. Bones" move and Taryn loved to help out in the process.
Can you believe that they even had a climbing wall at this place? Tyson climbed until his hands gave out.
They even had this special room just for toddlers with all these tunnels for Taryn to go through. She thought it was great and it got better when Tyson decided to chase her through the tunnels.
If there are books anywhere, my daughter will find them. She loves to be read to and so she took out every book, sat down, and wanted me to read them all to her.
They even had these real fire trucks, mini helicopters and buses to pretend play on. Tyson enjoyed the fire truck. He is concentrating really hard on driving.
This place also came complete with a full fledged pretend shopping store with working cash register and belt. Tyson liked playing the cashier and Taryn just liked pushing the cart around.
They had just opened up this new Nursery Rhyme room today at the museum. The whole thing was centered around all kinds of nursery rhymes. Tyson like the cow catapult for Hey Diddle Diddle.....the cow jumped over the moon. HA HA HA. He played with this thing for 20 minutes. It was needed fun day and we were wore out after spending several hours at the museum. I will be taking a trip up there again after the holidays. It was so awesome!