Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kentucky Interview

It is already the middle of December and WHOA do the weeks just fly by. I swear it was just Monday of last week and here I am starting a new week. I have no clue where the times goes, but it goes fast. Vaughn has been gone about one to two times a week with interviews for residency. We were lucky enough to get about 12 interviews, which I am told if you have about 10 you are 99.9% guaranteed a spot. Let's hope those statistics are right. We got lucky this last interview to be able to tag along. It was in Louisville, Kentucky and about a 6 1/2 hour drive. We figured the kiddos could handle the ride if we broke it up a little. I had no idea that Tyson would ask, "When we going to get there?" so many times. It was like a broken record, over and over and over.....

Here they are about 1/2 way to Kentucky. By Tyson's expression he is ready to be out of the car. Thank goodness Taryn was good.When we finally got to Kentucky, Tyson was elated because the hotel, the hospital put us up in, had a heated pool and a big one at that. We swam for an hour and then while Vaughn went to the dinner portion of the interview, the kids and I ordered Papa John's Pizza and watched "Prep and Landing" on ABC. I love pizza in a hotel room. I think it just makes it taste better.
This was Taryn's first experience staying in a hotel and she loved it. She explored every inch of the place and loved opening and shutting all the drawers. We were fortunate enough not to slam any fingers in the process.That next day while Vaughn was at his hospital interview, Tyson, Taryn and I decided to venture around Louisville for a bit. Now, being a VERY small town kid myself ,this big city was a bit intimidating, but thank goodness for the GPS, early Christmas present, because without it I would still be lost over there. We found a mall about 10 minutes away and set out to see a few sights. On the way we passed the Cardinal's Football stadium. Nice facility.
The mall was fun and I had "Chick-fil-a" (I think that is how it is spelled) for the first time. It was delicious. Good thing we don't have one close in Auburn Hills that I know of, because I would be 300 pounds.....Very good food.Vaughn's interview went well and as soon as he finished we met him back at the hotel, packed up and headed to the race track. We couldn't leave Louisville without seeing the famous Churchill Downs where they have the Kentucky Derby.
Even though we couldn't go inside, and it was frigid outside, we still got some awesome shots of the place.

It was fun to actually go with Vaughn to one of his interview places. We got to see a lot of beautiful country and go through some amazing looking cities. I just wish the kids liked the driving scenery as much as Vaughn and I did, but all they cared about was "When we going to stop and eat?" and "When are we going to get home?" AH kids, they make life interesting!