Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

It was time to go and see the BIG man in the RED suit the other day and tell him what Tyson and Taryn wanted for Christmas. This Christmas Tyson has been a lot more quizing about Santa and his reindeer. For example: "Mom, can I see Santa's Reindeer?"
"Mom, how does Santa come to our house when we don't have a chimney?"
"Mom, why can't I go to the North Pole?"
And the list goes on and on.....Last year he was just understanding the concept of Santa bringing presents, this year it is a whole other ball game. He wants to know everything and I am running out of creative answers. I really hope Christmas comes quickly before I run out of ideas.Taryn, on the other hand, is not impressed by the Jolly man in the RED suit, not at all! She sat on his lap and began to scream......reminds me of my little sister Danielle, whom to this day still doesn't like Santa...Taryn might be just like her Aunt D. So, Tyson had to go back to Santa and tell him what Taryn wanted for Christmas. (What a good big brother)

This is how these two usually spend their mornings, or at least the mornings Tyson doesn't have school, and while mom is in the shower. They will sit by each other and watch cartoons. I love it!

They are the best of buddies. Taryn wants to be right by Tyson, doing what he does and if she can't she throws a fit! Such a girl.


The Wheeler's said...

Your kids are so cute! I love Taryn's face in the last picture. Also I just wanted to say you are lucky Taryn only started screaming when she sat with Santa. My little girl was screaming and trying to bite him!! It was not a fun time.. The joys of kids.

Jen said...

Love it. Right now my kids are playing together and I love it. I wish it happened more often. Love the pics with Santa Clause. We keep missing him. I'm kind of glad because Jaelyn keeps telling everyone she wants a doll. I hate to burst her bubble but that is not what she it getting.