Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving & The Black Friday Sales.

Happy Thanksgiving. (Yes, I know this is about 3 days late. I am beginning to see a pattern with me and blogging late after events. Oh well, at least I get it done.) Anyhow, we spent Thanksgiving here in Auburn Hills, MI. We were fortunate enough to have my mom come out and see us this past week. It was great to have her here, not only for the kids but also we got her wonderful stuffing, rolls and pie for Thanksgiving. Yummy! We bought us a turkey fryer last year and decided to fry another one this year. We plugged it full of BBQ marinade and prepared to fry the bird.Here is my fry daddy chef, Vaughn, getting ready to dip the bird in the fryer. The rising steam is from the turkey cooking in the fryer. The anticipation was great in the Jackson house hold as the bird cooked and we prepared the rest of the feast.She is done!! Now most people who have never seen a turkey fried would think that we burned the bird, not quite. This is how it is supposed to look and then you peel off the outer skin to get down to the juicy meat underneath.Taryn banged on the glass doors, screaming to be let out with the boys. (Sorry sweetheart, but you would have burns when you tipped the fryer over.)Doesn't it look good. YUMMY!!! (I am ready for another one.)
The table was set so nicely by Tyson and Grandma T and we ate, and ate and ate. I am still stuffed and it is three days later. The food was mouthwatering. Thanks mom for making all the good fixings. After our meal, we all took a nap and then got up and ate some more and watched football. It was the perfect Thanksgiving day.
Vaughn and I decided that since my mom was here we would take advantage of the situation and go shopping very, very early on Friday for all the sales. We wanted a GPS navigational system this year and Walmart had them on sale for $59. We also wanted several other items for family, but this would require us getting up very early. 3:30 a.m. the alarm went off and we got up. We left my mom and the kiddos asleep and drove to Walmart. We got there around 4:00 a.m. and the parking lot was filled. When we arrived inside people already had their carts heaping with stuff. I figured that we wouldn't get anything we wanted, luckily I was wrong. We got the GPS, after standing in line for 2 hours, and we even got everything else we wanted too. I was elated!!! We then drove back to Babies R Us and picked up a few things for Taryn, on sale as well. I was amazed at our good luck, we never get that lucky.
We came home around 6:30, ate breakfast, freshened up and then mom, Taryn and I went to Kohl's for their sale, while Vaughn and Tyson slept. I made a killing there as well. I couldn't believe our fortune. My mom saved over $400.00 and I saved about $50.00 on my purchases. So COOL! I will hit those sales again. I have only 2 more gifts to buy and I am done Christmas shopping. I am never ready for Christmas this early, but this year is a first. Yeah for black Friday sales!