Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Week With Grandma T.

This past week we didn't waste a second while Grandma T was here. We jammed packed our days with fun and exciting things. Tyson and Grandma T played lots of games. He taught her how to shoot his Nerf guns.

The kids loved to be with Grandma T. Taryn even went to her, which was surprising since she won't let anyone hold her but me and sometimes Vaughn. My mom had the charm I guess, because Taryn went to her the second we got home from the airport.While my mom was here she got to see Tyson's first primary program, and attend his school's Grandparent's day celebration. They all just happen to fall on the week that she was here. It was cool! When we found out that Tyson's school was having the Grandparents day I figured we would skip it since both sets of grandparents are far away, but lo and behold it fell right when my mom was out here. So on Tuesday Tyson and my mom spent the morning at his school. My mom even won a prize for being the grandparent that traveled the farthest. We played lots of games with Grandma T and did lots of crafty things. Thanks mom for coming out to visit us for a week. Oh how we wish it would last longer.