Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Effects of Sleep

My kiddos and their sleeping habits are quite comical. Tyson can start out the night in the perfect state, but by morning he has somehow managed to not only twist himself up in the covers, but he is usually not "right side up". He is upside down, half-on half-off the bed, skeewampus and otherwise all over the place. I never know what I will see when I go in to wake him up.

Then there is this girl. What can I say? She woke up the other morning, looking like she had stuck her little hand in the electric outlet. The hair was straight in the air. And the funny thing is, when I attempted to "fix" her hair for the day, it wouldn't lay down.
This little blondie didn't get her mama's hair, she got her dad's straight blond hair that won't do anything or hold any kind of a barrette in it. And believe me I have tried all the barrettes known to man and none stay in her fine hair. I hope that by the time she matures she gets some of my natural curl in her hair.


The Wheeler's said...

I love her hair! I have the same problem every day when my little girl wakes up from her nap.

Megan Guymon said...

Cute cute kids! I love her hair too...I have the opposite problem with Addi. Her hair is so curly...I have to wet it every morning to get the comb through it! We hate the curly rats!

Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

She looks like I do when I wake up in the morning!