Monday, November 30, 2009

The Good Piston Seats...Thanks Doug!

Doug, the guy that works here at Lake Village who always gets us the Piston tickets, came through again. He got us tickets to see the Pistons vs The Clippers on Friday night and the best part is, we were in the lower, nicer seats. It was great to be down lower and actually see the faces of the players instead of looking at the jumbo tron.

My mom has never been to an NBA game and we made sure she had a great time. It was even dollar hot dogs night and they were pretty good.Taryn got to sit in her own seat and loves every minute of the game. She only cried when they did the opening fireworks and then she settled right down and watched the game.
Our friend Doug was also there with his wife and family, (I forgot to get a picture of him). He is the nicest guy around. Thanks for the tickets Doug! The game was great and would have been a wonderful time, but they lost which put Tyson in a foul mood. He hates it when they loose. Oh well, the rest of us still had a good time.