Monday, November 30, 2009

Chuck E Cheese with Grandma T

Tyson's favorite thing about having someone come and visit is the fact that he gets to go to Chuck E Cheese. We had been putting this off all week long and finally we realized that it was Saturday and we hadn't gone yet, so we packed up the kids and headed to the Cheese's place.
Chuck E Cheese was packed on Saturday. We found one of a few open booths in the party area where the big robotic singing animals are housed. The place was noisy with kids and music and Taryn was elated. She stood in the booth, staring at the robotic singing animals and danced along with their music. I just sat and laughed and laughed. Tyson had hooked Grandma T into taking him around to all the games while Taryn and I waited for the pizza to arrive.
In the "Kiddie Korner" there were a few rides Taryn could enjoy, and enjoy them she did.We put her on this motion ride with Tyson and the second it started to move around, she wanted OFF!
Tyson had a blast playing games and riding the rides with Taryn. Grandma T and I just chased the two of them around and got our exercise for the year...