Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trick Or Treat Trail In Auburn Hills

Tonight we took the kids over to the Auburn Hills Community Center for their Halloween Trick or Treat Trail. We really didn't know what it was all about; only that the kids had to be dressed up and bring their trick or treat bags. I had seen a flyer for this thing at Tyson's library day, so I figured....what the heck, might as well try it out and give the kids a chance to wear their Halloween costumes more than one time. If you cannot tell, Taryn is a little sheep. Tyson called her a "pig". Oh boy!

This was the entrance to the Trick or Treat Trail.
Tyson's kin.....the other spiderman. Notice I am the only one looking at the camera. Tyson was too scared of the man in black without a face next to us, and Taryn was too interested in the blow up ghosts behind us.Vaughn took this picture. He thought it was funny. Only my husband.............
Spidey throwing his webs...Tyson Trick or Treating on the Trail.....about every 50 feet there was a new little set up with a Halloween theme and people handing out candy to all the kids. It really was pretty fun.Tyson thought these two skeletons were cool and wanted a picture by them.

At the end of a trail Tyson wanted one last picture posing. So we did. Taryn wasn't about to smile. She wondered what the heck was going on the whole time, and she wouldn't relent her little pink candy bag until it was time to get into the bathtub. (I guess it is time to buy the kid a purse.) We had a good family night and it isn't even Halloween yet! YES!


Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

Love the pictures Nic! They are soooo cute! Kids make Halloween
10x more fun! Love ya and miss you!

Carly and Coen said...

that is such a cute idea!! i'm so glad you found something like that! haha halloween is such a fun holiday with kids!

The Wheeler's said...

You have such a cute family! I hope you don't mind.. I found your blog and I love reading it. You probably don't remember me, but I went to South Sevier when you were teaching there. I'm sorry to hear about your dad.. Cancer is very hard to deal with. My dad is going through it right now.