Monday, October 12, 2009

Porter's Cider Mill

Tyson's school had a field trip last Friday to Porter's Cider Mill up in a little town 20 miles north of Auburn Hills. I forget the name of the town. We had to transport our own kids there, which was fine by me. I didn't want to get on a bus with 50 kids and their parents. I didn't mind the ride. We got there and the preschool and kindergarten kids were ushered into the mill and showed how they make real apple cider. This was so cool and Tyson was all about being right in front to see it all.
This is one of the workers putting in all the chopped apples into the press. It smell so good in there.
After they pressed out the juice from the apples it went into this huge tank and then out into spouts where we could have a taste of the cider. Tyson loved it and went back for seconds.
At the mill they had a little play area for the kids and even though it was raining outside, they were all about playing on the train.
After seeing how the cider was made, they took us for a tour outside, in the rain, to see the farm animals. I always laugh at how city folk get a kick out of seeing chickens and horses and such. I guess the reason I think it is funny how they go crazy to get pictures of them is because I grew up around these types of animals my whole life, and to me it is just another chicken. HA HA.
We then got to go on a Hay ride to the pumpkin patch to........yep, you guessed it........pick pumpkins. YEAH!! It was so cold and the rain was still coming down, but we were going to stick it out. Here we are freezing and yet smiling on the hay wagon.
We picked us some great pumpkins and then we rode the hay wagon back to the cider mill where we were treated to hot apple cider and fresh home made donuts. They were yummy. It was fun to spend a day, just Tyson and I. Thanks Vaughn for taking the day off to watch Taryn. Tyson and I enjoyed the rainy day and the treats.