Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Deer Story/ A Night Out With The Girls

Vaughn, the mighty hunter killed a deer. It has been a while since Vaughn has had the opportunity to actually go deer hunting. In fact, a year before we started medical school he bought himself a new Matthews Bow just for bow hunting the next season, but as luck had it, we were on the island of St. Marteen and there wasn't any deer to be found on the island. His bow has been patiently waiting to be used. So two days ago, he and Will Thompson found a good spot to set up Will's "blind tent" and waited for the deer to arrive, and arrive they did. Vaughn's bow got a chance to score this sweet white tail deer. I know it looks like Bambi by Utah standards, but by Michigan standards this is a monster deer.

Here is the meat, all cut up ready to be wrapped and then eaten. YUMMY! I haven't ever had white tail deer and I hear that it is good. I will write about that later.I know this looks like something you would see in the SAW movies, but this is actually what has been in my house for 2 days. Vaughn and Will brought back the deer and placed it in our garage on a pallet. Then yesterday and today we have been cutting it up. Will and Vaughn quartered it and hung up the quarters from the garage ceiling. You can imagine the looks they were getting as people were driving by the apartments seeing them out in the garage cutting up a deer. I am sure that we are now the talk of the apartment complex. HA HA HA. Yes we are country kids! Vaughn and I finished cutting up the meat today, which took a better part of the day to do. I haven't helped cut up deer meat since I was a younger girl with my dad. Those were good times. Dad would cut the meat and I would help to wrap it in the butcher paper and then we would shoot the bull the whole time. I miss those times, but being able to experience it with Vaughn was just as cool. On another note, a few of the ladies from church got together at the "Sagebrush Catina" for a girls' night out. What a great time we had. This place had excellent food, and a lot for your buck too. I always enjoy hanging out with the gals, chatting and laughing and laugh we did!
From left to right, Bethany, me, Melanie, Jen, Cindy, Stephanie. Thanks gals for the fun night!