Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Laughing Matter

This is a daily occurrence in our lives. Tyson does something and Taryn laughs at him. I am only sorry that you miss hearing one of her screaming fits. (I will try to get that on video and upload it) She, for some reason or other, thought that Tyson's tent was funny. Our lives have pretty much got a routine and not much has deviated from that routine. Vaughn goes to the hospital and we don't see him until the evenings; Tyson goes to school Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and then to the library for story time on Tuesdays; Taryn is just growing and growing many, many teeth in her little mouth and goes with mom walking in the mornings to the mall while Tyson is at school; and me, well I just follow everyone else.

We haven't had any thing crazy or exciting happen for a while and I am not quite sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. We did apply for residency programs and are now just waiting to hear back for interviews.......I am not patient for waiting, I want to know NOW!!I have one of the best husbands ever! The other morning I was so tired from the lack of sleep the night before (Taryn is teething and not sleeping and therefore neither am I), Vaughn got up when the kids did and took them in the living room and watched cartoons while I got a needed hour of sleep. This is the video he took of the kids.


Scott and Sunny Nielsen said...

You have so freaking cute kids Nic. Miss you!