Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!! (2 Days of Fun)

Before I talk about our two days of Halloween, I have to take just a moment and post this picture of the fall trees outside of our house. I took this picture on Thursday and that night the wind whipped all the leaves off of the trees, making them look like brown skeletons. They used to be so beautiful....alas....this picture is all that is left of them. SNIFF SNIFF
Ok, on to the real blog. Here is my little Spiderman. On Friday, Tyson's school class had a Halloween Party, his first one ever. I was able to accompany him as Vaughn had the day off and could stay home and watch Taryn. Tyson couldn't wear his Spiderman mask so we had to get up extra early to paint his face. I am no make up artist, but I think we did pretty good. The only problem was that about an hour into his party the paint started to itch and before long we had red paint everywhere. Oh well. It looked good for a few pictures.Tyson and all his little spooky classmates. They played a game of musical chairs and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. The kids all went the wrong way, most of the time, and then when the music stopped, they have been taught to be so polite that they didn't want to take another person's chair away. HA HA HA It was priceless.

His class from L to R top row: Avery, Madison, Natalie, Owen, Bella, Emma, Ava K and Toria.
Bottom row: Shane, Tyson, Ava A, Donovin, Makalia.
After some games in the classroom the kids went around the school in a little parade showing off their costumes and trick or treating.Then it was back to the room for some fun in the dark with glow sticks and dancing to "The Monster Mash." As you can see Tyson was having a ball.
Tyson and Mrs. Ray, his teacher.
When Tyson came home he ran straight to Taryn to see what she would think about his painted face. She wasn't impressed. In fact she didn't want him to even touch her.Later on that day, Friday, we got a call from Nino's store that Tyson had won the Halloween coloring contest he entered there and could come and claim a free pumpkin of his choice. He was so tickled. Good job buddy!
Saturday morning, Halloween day, the kids and I braved the elements and went trick or treating up and down Auburn Hills Main Street to all the merchant shops. It was so very, very cold and windy and then the rain started to fall. We were bundled up, but the cold out here can be bone chilling and so after we went up and down both streets we ran to the car and headed for home and some hot chocolate. (Tyson even got me to dress up as a witch but I couldn't get us all in a picture)
Halloween night, we went over to the Johnson's neighborhood for trick or treating. It was still so very cold and windy. Taryn didn't want to be outside, but I made her for the sake of the holiday. And she got some candy besides.
Tyson and Bodie ran from house to house, collecting as much candy as they could. Tyson's bag was overflowing with his treats. We now can open our own candy store.
Taryn wasn't too sure about all the strangers but she did carry her trick or treat pail and would smile every now and again when someone said she looked cute. It was cold, but we had a great time. After trick or treating we headed home to warm up and then watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" a classic Halloween tale by my standards. Then it was off to bed. Way too much sugar and fun wiped us out!!!


Cluff Family said...

SOO CUTE! Nice job on painting Spiderman's face! You should open a face-painting stand ;) Tyson looks like he has a fun class! Glad you had a fun Halloween! Weird that we didn't even need jackets! Not as hot as St. Maarten, but definitely not to cold yet! That is a beautiful red tree outside your place, too bad the wind blew it all down, glad you got the picture when you did :) Anyway, hope everything and everyone is well!!!