Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Monday night we had the opportunity to go to the SUU vs OU girl's basketball game. My cousin Anne Westwood Higbey (Anne I think that is your married name) plays for SUU. I haven't ever seen her play so this was a treat to get to watch her in action. We live about 10 minutes from Oakland Univ. Tyson totally enjoyed himself. He won a free pizza for cheering so loud and Taryn was happy and content to just sit there and watch all the action. We sat on the bottom row next to the floor and I guess there was so much going on that she was completely entertained. YES!!! It was so good to see Anne and to get a few minutes after the game to chat with her. I totally enjoyed the night and so did the rest of the family.
Then on Tuesday night Tyson, Vaughn and Will went to the Piston's game and Tyson got a banner for, again, screaming loud for the Pistons. Taryn wasn't having the best of days Tuesday so I decided not to go to the game and risk her having a come-a-part! It was a good idea on my part because she lost it just being here at the house. At least the boys had a great time.


ellen said...

Thanks for cheering for my Anne. We sure were wishing we were there with you. We were watching it over the internet and tried to figure out where you were sitting. Anne loved that you would take time to watch her. You are the best! Your kids are darling, I love keeping up with them on you blog!