Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aunt D's Time Here Day 2 and 3.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Tyson woke up to Larry the Leprechaun's foot prints all over the house. He followed them and found..... A whole lot of goodies. (Aunt D was Larry the Leprechaun. And she had a bunch of little prizes for Tyson. Now I get to keep up the tradition of Larry the Leprechaun. Thanks Aunt D!) J/KWe spent St. Patrick's Day making cookies, going to the park and eating ice cream. It all started with me trying to make "green" eggs for breakfast, but my food coloring wouldn't react with the eggs. So the eggs looked like they had green chicken pox. HA HA Tyson thought that was funny. We took Aunt D to his library day and showed her all he does there. Then it was lunch and pack up for Friendship Park. This park is so cool. It is all wooden and looks like a big fort. Tyson ran Aunt D ragged all over the park. I sat with Taryn for a bit while she slept. But then she woke up and wanted to be in the action as well. Do you like the little hat? HA HA Makes her look like she has two pink ears.Tyson wanted Aunt D to try out all the amenities the park had, and she was happy to oblige.Taryn tuckered out!Once Taryn woke up and was ready to go, I decided to try taking her down the slide. I was hoping for a reaction........Not-so-much! She didn't even smirk! I had fun. It has been a while since I slid down a slide.See, no reaction! She didn't like the sun in her eyes.I don't know who had more fun, Aunt D or Tyson. It was two big kids having a ball.Vaughn came along for the ride and at the end got to rough house a little with Tyson. Just before we left the park, Danielle took this picture of Taryn. She looked "hacked." She had been taken all over the place and was ready to go home, eat and go to bed. We had to make a quick detour to Cook's farm for some homemade ice cream, and then it was homeward bound. Once we got the kiddos to bed, Danielle, Vaughn and I stayed up and watched this funny ventriloquist on YouTube, Jeff Dunham. I haven't laughed that hard since the first time I watched "Bill Cosby Himself." It was so hilarious. I highly recommend the act to be checked out by all. It will make you pee your pants.Wednesday afternoon was a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Tyson has been asking to go ever since Aunt D got here and I have been trying to hold off for a not so nice day outside to go. Today was cloudy and Tyson was thrilled because that meant we were going to Chuck E Cheese. He couldn't wait to play all the games, and by the looks of it, neither could Aunt D. Jenny gave me a handful of coupons for Chuck E Cheese and so we had about 100 tokens between the 3 of us. Plenty! It also gave us a large pizza and cinnamon sticks which were yummy. I ate way too many of them.

It was all we could do to make Tyson sit and eat two pieces of pizza. He was dancing like he had ants in his pants wanting to play the games and get "tickets" to buy prizes at the end. Well.....we played and played for about 2 hours and then, my good friend Lynette, who is one of two managers there, came in for work. I haven't seen her since before Taryn was born. It was so good to chat and catch up. She was way too generous to Tyson, once again. She game him about 50 extra tokens and then her friend, who works there fixing the games, gave Tyson 100 extra tickets. We played for another hour or so and had a ton of tickets. Thanks Lynette!Aunt D was addicted to the "Bee" game. She was all about winning the tickets. We played each and every game at least once and some of them several times. We were pooped out by the time the tokens run out. And when I say we I mean Aunt D, Taryn and I, but not Tyson; he could have stayed for another several hours.

He had the most fun beating Aunt D in air hockey. After we "munched" all the tickets, we went up to turn them in and buy some prizes. Lynette, then again, set us up and gave Tyson an extra 200 points on his tickets. He made off with a haul. Lynette you are my son's hero. Thanks for making his time and ours so much fun. It has been a great day. The days are going by way to fast. I would love to have D stay longer......


Megan Guymon said...

Aren't we luccky to have good sisters!! Looks like you have had a fun week. You all look great! Glad to see smiles on Taryn's face. Glad to hear she is feeling a bit better too.