Sunday, March 22, 2009

Malls, Toes, Temple, T-shirts and the Pistons with Aunt D

What a bunch of crazy kids. I leave them alone for 5 minutes to run into a shoe store and they go all crazy with the camera. With Aunt D there is never a dull moment. We spent several days in a bunch of different malls. We took Aunt D to the Somerset Mall down on 14 mile/ Big Beaver Road. It is a very high end mall, so high end that we didn't dare go into a few stores in case one of us broke something; we could not have paid for it in 10 years. In other words, this mall is very very EXPENSIVE, but so fun to window shop.At the Somerset Mall there is this way cool fountain. (As seen in the background) The water is "spit" up through these little spheres in the middle of the glass squares at different intervals. It reminds me of a mini Bellagio fountain. It made for a cool photo opt.Danielle took this picture of Taryn. Look how cute she looks in the hat from Grandma T. Even with the drool, she is our little doll. On a side note, the reason for the drool is because on this day we cut our first tooth. She fussed and cried hard for about one hour and we could not figure out what the heck was the problem till I looked into her mouth and saw the little white blister on her bottom gum. It took some Motrin and a car ride to settle her down, and by the next morning Taryn was the proud owner of her first tooth. Danielle is the best sister ever. She was sweet enough to bring her "gell toes" kit and gave me a pedicure and some gell toenails. I love the color. Goes with the month. Thanks D.
Aunt D is a very creative aunt. She is the soul reason I dress half way decent. If it wasn't for her I don't know what I would look like. Anyway, she came up with this idea for us to decorate shirts using this thick puff paint. Tyson was all over this craft idea. Aunt D's shirt. Nice art work sis! Tyson's shirt. Notice the use of color and pattern. I think I have a mini Picasso on my hands. HA HA HA!Us and our creations. Mine is here on the left.Tyson couldn't wait to wear his shirt he made. He was so proud of his creation. Nice job buddy!We took an afternoon and drove down to the temple in Bloomfield Hills. The Detroit Temple is small but still so beautiful. A family picture at the temple. Although you cannot see Taryn underneath the bundle of blankets, she is there. Thanks Aunt D for taking the picture.
Friday night, D's last night here, we took her to a Pistons' Game. Tyson was elated to take his Aunt D to see his favorite team play ball. The funny story to this picture is that we both were wearing black long sleeved shirts and red over shirts. Not planned I assure you. We both walked out of our separate bedrooms and started to laugh. Our mom and MomaD do this type of copying all the time, why not us?Tyson, with the help of his dad, got a free Domino's Pizza from the cheerleaders. Vaughn hoisted him up into the air and it was enough to get the attention of the cheerleaders. What a kid! Saturday, Danielle's last day, was spent playing board games and just hanging out at the house.
We all decided to wear our shirts to send Aunt D off. It was a bitter sweet ending to her stay. Tyson didn't want to leave the house to take Aunt D to the airport, but after a few tears we persuaded him to come along. I think we all shed a few tears that day. Thanks D for coming out and spending your vacation with us and thanks to Jesse for letting you come out without him. We hope you come next time Uncle Jesse. We love and miss you Aunt D. Hugs and kisses from all of us.