Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally A Blog/Aunt D Came To Visit.

First, I had to post this picture of Taryn in her new dress from Grandma Jackson. She looks like a little lady bug. CUTE! (However, if you look at her face she is clearly not excited about the picture taking)Second, I had to post this picture of us actually outside, without heavy coats, scarves, gloves, etc.. enjoying a little time together, while Tyson rode his bike he got for Christmas. This was the first day Taryn was outside longer than just going from the house to the car and back again. She sneezed four times when she had the sun hit her in the face, and she wasn't too keen on the wind, but after about 5 minutes she didn't mind it, and was actually smiling. Yes, the weather is finally warming up.And last, here is the smiley girl herself. She is getting over the whole reflux situation, and life at the Jackson household has returned to semi-normal. She still eats about every 2 hours, like clockwork, but she is a happier baby. She is just SPOILED! She wants to be held 24/7 and since we just got her over the 5 hour scream fests, we hold her. I know, I know, not good and I am setting myself up for something later on, but her scream is ear piercing and frankly, I don't want to listen to it, so......I pick her up and do everything with her attached to my hip. Now for the real blog. AUNT D CAME TO VISIT US! My sister, Danielle, took her Spring Break vacation and instead of jotting off to some sunny spot with a pina coloda (virgin) she decided to come and see us in freezing cold Michigan. Thanks for taking one for the team D! Actually the weather has been beautiful today, so far.....keep the fingers crossed it stays that way. This was her first time to see Taryn. Taryn loves Aunt D, and Tyson has always been her little buddy. This is such a adorable picture of Aunt D and kiddos.

Since Aunt D came in on Sunday at 5 a.m. we didn't do to much except church at 1:00 and then a little dinner get-together at the Buccellato's home and then home and bed. Of course this morning, Aunt D was a little jet lagged and so we let her sleep in while Tyson and I got him enrolled in a Preschool. YEAH! He starts next September. Ok now I will get back on track. So after Aunt D got up and going, we went looking for St. Patrick's Day stuff and new shoes for Tyson. We ended up over at the mall across the street from us and Tyson was so excited to show Aunt D the "food" he plays on at the food court. Danielle went to take his picture and he had some hilarious poses for us. (Hence the one above and below)We took Tyson to get a hair cut and the whole time Taryn smiled at the posters on the wall. (They were big pictures of people smiling and she thought they were smiling at her). Needless to say we laughed all through the hair cut.It's the little green leprechaun in the bath tub. Aunt D brought foaming bath soap and Tyson was all about dolling himself up with it.We took the rest of the day and played at Friendship park in Lake Orion. Me and the kids, hanging out on the bench, enjoying the sun. Aunt D being the good aunt and playing with Tyson on everything. I can't swing anymore without getting nauseous. She had as much fun as Tyson on the playground.

We ended the day with setting up for St. Patty's Day, getting kids to bed and answering Vaughn's Med Psych questions. I am taking full use of Danielle and her helping hands with the kids. They love her and so do I, for the help and for coming out to visit.


Carly and Coen said...

ah how cute! that is awesome that she was able to come out to visit you guys!!