Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It Was A Merry Christmas

Santa dumped his sleigh at Grandma Jackson's house. Tyson slept horribly the night before Christmas, so he wasn't too thrilled that we were all trying to wake him up to open presents. Finally, Uncle Brett went into his bedroom and yelled, "Tyson Santa came!" That woke him up and he was ready to see what Santa brought. He understood the unwrapping of presents this year and was a bit put out, when we had unwrapped all the presents, that he didn't have anymore to unwrap. Here are a few of the action shots of the day.

This is Tyson unwrapping his McQueen slippers from his cousin Jaelyn. Great action shot!

Grandma and Grandpa Jackson gave Tyson a horse "hippity hop" As you can see, the kid is all about the action shots!

We got a big bag of LEGOS from Uncle Travis and Aunt Kariann.It took some coaxing to get Tyson to sit on Santa's lap, but after a bit he did. But notice that he still isn't quite sure about sitting there without me close by.He had so much fun playing with everything that he passed out on the floor by the kitchen table.

Doesn't he look handsome.


Candace and Richie said...

You guys look so nice! Isn't it wonderful to actually be putting on more clothes rather than stripping them off due to the heat in SXM! Merry Christmas!

ashreims said...

OMG Tyson looks so handsome in pants and a sweater! And could your hair be cuter??? I suppose now you can do it again since you have left the humidity behind! Glad you had a good Christmas!

Toones in a Bucket said...

You all look great! I hope Michigan treats you well. The best part of the mid-west summer is coming...once the tornadoes pass, eh?